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Just book an hotel through Hotwire, only to find out after the booking that there is a hidden resort fees of $25 per person per night for the room I booked. Now instead of paying a $100 for a room , I ended up paying $150. I this price I could have had a much better deal.....

50% different in the price - if that is not a scam, I am not sure what is the definition of a scam.

Hotwire could have presented this information next to the trip total fees, however they chose to place in the bottom of the page after all the up-sale sections.

When I asked Hotwire how many of their customers do scroll down to that section they replied that they do not know.

Later I was explained that Hotwire does not know in advance if a given hotel has booking fees and for that reason they do not show it. This is not true since they later mentioned that they did show this information (..on the bottom of the page after the map, and the car, flight and other up-sale attempts)

when I asked about their transparency level, a manager claimed it is very good.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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