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Complaint Description:Hotwire may not have any control over the condition of the hotels they book but they do control their ethical practices . They state that due to their " deeply discounted rate" they cannot disclose the name of the hotel you are booking until your purchase is complete.

I printed the pre purchase web page which had a price of $214 crossed out and a price of $82.00 as the "deal" My Hotwire itinerary # is 662**** paid $287.57 with a Visa. I booked a hotel 4/2/13 for a trip planned 5/23/13. Once the name was disclosed ,Best Western Petaluma inn, I went to that Hotels site and my deeply discounted nonrefundable rate was $9.36 below price available on my booked Hotels site. I paid $82.00 a night thru Hotwire, add in Hotwires fees and my cost is $99.66 a night.

The room directly from the site is $91.36 a night. But more importantly. the most expensive room they have listed is $132.49 , where did they get the original room rate of $214. from..

I do not see how they can say they have deeply discounted rates and get away with this.

I emailed them and received a patronizing form letter. Poor customer service in addition to deceptive advertizing.

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