I just had a very bad experience with Hotwire. I was able to get a very low rate on a 4 star hotel.

I was initially very happy. It was quoted as "Best Value". However, once I found the name of the hotel and checked their website it turned out that they were going through huge remodeling and improvement; almost half of the hotel amenities were not available. That's why Hotwire was able to get reduced rates!!!

Great bargaining power!!! Don't trust Hotwire.

It's a scam!!! I called customer service and they were completely useless and unhelpful.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #657477

Dont ever use hotwire.com for your next trip at all. Even less the secret motel they will give for low rate is the worst...

I booked a motel room for a week, the motel room I got was worst, I had to pay extra at the motel to get a room that was decent enough to sleep. I had to check out from the motel since I didnt have to stay for a week...they wont give refund for unused stay. I've worked for choice hotels for over 7 yrs and I know, motel will only charge for nights stayed in the motel whether they are booked from hotwire or hotels.com. HOTWIRE IS A RIP OFF..

NEVER EVER USE IT FOR UR NEXT TRIP. Use Hotels.com or call the motel directly.


I booked a hotel on Hotwire - my credit card was debited and I received my confirmation notice.

I arrived at the hotel after 3pm to check in and was waiting in a long lineup. At this point I received a message from Hotwire stating that the hotel was overbooked and was now cancelled so I should call to make alternate arrangements.

I had to spend 40 minutes on the phone before getting sent to another hotel. I had already paid for transportation to the "confirmed" hotel and now had to pay transportation costs etc. to the new hotel.

I had made arrangements based on where I was supposed to be staying and my plans were completely ruined. In total I spent 2 hours of my time between phone calls with hotwire and getting to the next hotel.

Despite emails and phone calls to Hotwire I received no satisfaction for the disruption and transportation costs etc.

The attitude was that I was given another hotel for the same cost. No consideration was given to the time and expense their screw up caused me.

Beware - just because you paid for your hotel and received a confirmation email doesn't mean you are ok. Apparently confirmed doesn't mean confirmed after all! I have scanned their website and NOWHERE does it state that they can change a confirmed reservation AFTER purchase.

As I stated to them - if the hotel was overbooked then that is between them and the hotel - I did not deal directly with the hotel - I dealt with Hotwire and I expected them to compensate me not to pass the blame. I have deactivated my account. I will not use them again. They get a big zero for customer service, loyalty and appreciation.

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