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Believe these previously posted reviews and beware of HOTWIRE. I used them for two trips and both times it was a diaster. Never again… HOTWIRE I will be voicing my disgrace to everyone I come in contact with.

1) Book air travel to leave on a cruise; the train we were on broke down and we were stuck and missed our flights. Airtran said if we had booked directly with them they could refund our money. After contacting Hotwire numerous times, they said "we have repeatedly respond with our official policy and can not provide any compensation." We had to purchase four new tickets in order to make the ship departure on time…. COST: $1,400

2) Took our daughter to school and needed a hotel; Hotwire booked us in a 3.5 1/2 star hotel ($140 night) What a joke! The hotel was a 1 STAR MOTEL. The room/halls smelled like mold and urine and right in front of a "gentlemen's all night club." Contacted Hotwire and was told "we're sorry you're not happy, but we can't refund money; we can put you in another hotel but the cheapest hotel we can find is a 4 star hotel at $275 per night." That was double of what I was paying and was told becuase they had given us a choice to change hotels, they could not refund any monies or adjust the hotel price if we didn't agree to move to the more expensive hotel.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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If I ran this company I would start listening to these reviews and be quite concerned with business ethics.

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